You are Perfectly Imperfect

Earth is a tiny place filled with various kinds of people. Every person in this world has his own distinct and unique features. But there are some people who stand out amongst the rest. Those people are believers. They are random people like us but what do they have which the normal people doesn’t? The answer to that question is faith. They have strong faith. They believe they can achieve but trust me this needs a lot of courage and the power of acceptance.

A Believer Is an Achiever:

That person can be you. It doesn’t matter whether you are white or black, thin or fat, tall or short and disabled or fully complete. Nobody in this world is perfect. Why not try to make ourselves distinguished by perfecting our imperfections? Believe me, there lies beauty in imperfection. We can always work on making our imperfections perfect. As different is unique and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

The power of Acceptance:

Paths aren’t always defined but it is what we choose to follow. Dark side is relatively more attractive than the path that leads to the light but we can always follow the light by overcoming our fear and insecurities. Never let your fear and insecurities take over you. We should rather embrace them than letting it consume us but sometimes we all need darkness to see the light within.

No End but Only New Beginnings:

Friends if you think or believe that you lack something or you are incomplete, don’t. Life is too short to be sad on things which you don’t have. Why not cherish the things which you have? Why not love and spend time with those who are always there for you no matter what? Why not love your own self for who and what you are? Why not try to be a better person? Stop running after the things which you don’t have and hold on tight to what you have. I know things can get hard and you must be tired of hearing all of this but it is not the end of the world because in the end there is no end but only new beginnings. So, stop hiding and come out of your cover and make this world a better place because the world needs more people like you. Take care.

Sameera Idrees

A young and an energetic writer who wants to provoke youth to think productively, to think outside the box, to think beyond the limits. She wants to be an inspirational figure for the youth in re-building and re-directing their thought process in a constructive way. She wants young women to believe in themselves and feel proud of their weaknesses. They must learn to make their weakness, their strength.


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