Women: Journalist Columnist writer

Women are Tantamount to power in real terms. This is what we believe today and this is the truth. This gender can assume any position and provide unflinching devotedness and keenness, it can be her household, her children or her profession, she can turn anything into gold and gear anyone towards success.

The Rich History

Before the wake of feminism women was there is the media Industry, we have been watching PTV anchors since our childhood, women have been writing columns stories in the magazines and giving voice to many unheard stories for more than two centuries. The example of Anne Frank can be taken, the way her silences words jolted the world still reverberates and this is not a recent event it dates back to the time of WWII. No one has yet been able to silence the voice of a powerful female, she has been sharing her opinions, sufferings, views in a veiled or an unveiled manner for a very long time.

The Contemporary Picture

Now women are a figure of power and are stronger than ever before. The achievement of the current acceptance and equality has not been easy but now feminism, awareness and the change of primitive mindset has pushed women towards success in Journalism. A woman is now a writer, News Anchor, Columnist, Journalist and even sports commentator. This tells us that we can peruse anything if we get accepted and keep our decency intact.

Now women are celebrated everywhere, this year woman day was celebrated like never before, women are enjoying privileges in the form of discounts, all this has been possible only when women stepped out and started speaking for herself, using Media as a promising platform. The #metoo campaign started like a wildfire with social media playing a vital role. All of these events support that there are innumerable success stories of women in journalism. While switching through channels we see women taking part in politics as equal to men, News anchors nowadays sit with the high profile politicians and question them share their personal views; this is the real empowerment. Women now get accepted because of her intellect, her unique voice, and moving words, not by the measure of her waits and the color of her skin.

If we for a moment remove women from the media industry, the whole structure of it will fall because it is ‘Us’ who are providing our shoulder equally, to borne the roof of this industry.

Aysha Bilal

Aysha is a fresh graduate from NUST seeking to discover opportunities and horizons to establish herself. She has rich experience with community service and has a knack for reading and writing. She believes playing an individual part can gear this country towards success and she is committed to make the best out of her circumstances.

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