White Sauce Pasta

Ingredients Quantity Cutting
Pasta of your choice 1 packet
Garlic 3 cloves finely chopped
Boneless chicken half kg cut into strips
Green onions 2 chopped
Capsicum 2 chopped
Olives few sliced
Mushrooms few sliced
Butter 2 tb spoon
Oil 2 tb spoon
Milk 1 cup

Spices Quantity
Salt 1 t spoon
Black pepper 1  tb spoon
White pepper 1  t spoon
Red chili flakes 1  t    spoon
Chicken powder 1  tb spoon


Boil pasta, drain n keep aside (always add pasta in boiling water with 1Tb spoon of oil and pinch of salt).
In a pan add 1tb spoon of butter and 1 tb spoon of oil add garlic and fry till golden brown then add chicken strips and fry till it changes its color into light golden.
Pour in milk and add salt, black pepper, white pepper, chicken powder, red chili flakes, fresh cream, and grated cheese
Now add your boiled pasta into this and let it cook on low flame until you see the desired thickness


Dish out the pasta in a serving dish of your choice. Add olives, mushrooms, grated cheese pinch of red chili flakes on the top of it now place it in the microwave oven and cook it for a minute or two till the cheese melts, in the end, sprinkle few green onions to give it lively color.
Your expert and mouthwatering “WHITE PASTA” is ready to go

Sehrish Zeeshan

Mrs. Sehrish Zeeshan is a graduate fashion designer and a sole entrepreneur of a running brand known as “SEA PEARLS”. Besides that, she writes fashion blogs in her spare time, as she believes in creating awareness about fashion among the readers.

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