Things Only a Fat Girl Can Understand

Okay, I’ll tell you ugly truths of life, we girls, are judged on the basis of our looks and sizes, rather than intelligence. Yes, it’s true! Well more than usually unless there are angel people who fall for brains, keeping the beauty aside. This is the 21st century, but still, plus-size girls are facing the same problems, nothing’s much changed, right?

Growing up overweight in a society where being fat is a pity, is no less than a challenge but remember, you’re not the only one. It’s like your size is your identity and people talks about you as, “Oh right, you’re talking about that fat girl that lives around the corner”, I can tell how much it pisses you off. Just like that fat girls go through with a series of complication in their life.

Mission: Finding an Even Bigger Size

So you’re walking around the shops and your eye catches a beautiful dress, your heart takes a leap, you’re so ready to buy that dress, and the salesperson is so ready to sell the dress-Oh, wait! But we have a problem …. The right size!
I know how painful it is to hear, “sorry ma’am, we do not have a large size”, and that is the moment when you realize that life’s not fair.

Do I really eat a lot?

The problem with people is, whenever they see a fat girl, the first thing that comes to their mind is ‘food’. I mean seriously people! Not everyone who is fat is because they eat a lot. Some people are born with excess weight and no matter they eat less or do daily exercise, their weight remains the same, I mean yeah it helps, but to some point. So stop harassing them for eating a lot!

Am I Unappealing to Boys?

The time has gone when every girl’s main purpose of life was to get a guy, but I know there are people around us who still think the same and fill our head with such ridiculous thoughts as, “you’ve become so fat, no wonder any guy has asked you out yet”, “lose some weight! How will you get a guy?”
Ughh! Get a life people and who the hell cares? I mean ‘fries over guys’ Right?
But on a serious note, you’re not very smart if you’re starving yourself to death over some guy. You’ve got more useful tasks. Eating healthy and doing proper exercise is good but do it for yourself.

When People think they are helping

Going out with friends or in family gatherings, there are people who know exactly what to do with your weight and how you should lose it! I mean, seriously?
Trust me, people; constantly reminding someone that they are fat is not helping.

A girl does not need to be skinny to be a model; you can be fat and rock the world. There are people who adore ‘chubby girls’ and prefer them, so stop looking at your flaws, and start appreciating yourself.

Anusha Ather

Anusha Ather is a content writer who is currently studying in a college. Her passion for reading books is what got her in writing. She has won an award and many certificates in her school for essay writing. Anusha started article/blog writing in her mid-teenage. She is very keen on reading books, surfing through the internet and writing about specific topics.

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