The War of Lawn

As soon as we feel the wind changing and the chilly windy air turns into a pleasant breeze the first thought in women might be  “SPRING COLLECTION” or “LAWN”….. :p

Some might say no but most of you reading this are smiling right now and I know it; keep smiling it’s not a crime to fall in love with brands coming our way making us all go Gaga over it. The fact of the matter is what woman want is mostly what she never gets. She keeps herself updated from their first look (online) going through almost all like, #sana safinaz #khaadi #elan #sapphire #zarashahjahancoco  or the pioneers #gulahmed. This is just phase 1 only. Then she tries her to make history by buying it or at least booking it in advance without even looking at it personally that’s phase 2.

Then the day finally comes phase 3; wake up get ready to be present on time or even before the launch time as if going to a PTM not knowing what the results would be. You go there you wait to stand in a line (if there is any) and get 7B 6C or XYZ whatever your number is whereas some don’t who just feel like a loser as if their kid didn’t make it or maybe they didn’t because some baji booked it in advance.

The question remains going through all the above IS IT REALLY WORTH ALL the stamina the time you invested. It’s just lawn; they are clothes meant to make us feel good not to make us feel an outdated looser. Tell me ladies go through your mind and answer is it really that much worth; we have been brainwashed by the social hypocrites around us while they make all the cash through us while on the other hand, we (crazy women) stand in lines, waiting outside or booking on the priority basis. Mind you people out there they are clothes for us for our comfort and style we are not for THEM let it be this way. Maybe we need a reminder on a serious basis how we all are being brainwashed by #media or so-called elite class. [Sigh]

Umaima Harris

Mrs. Umaima Harris is a house wife and entrepreneur. She has her own clothing line by the name of Modes. She has been doing local and foreign exhibitions with majority of customers in UAE.

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