Sweet & Sour Thai Soup

INGREDIENTS                QUANTITY                     CUTTING

Tomato                                               3 big                                                puree

Spaghetti                                            few

Capsicum                                            1 big                                                small cubes

Carrot                                                  1 big                                                small cubes

Cabbage                                              ½                                                    cubes or strips

Green onion                                       3                                                      chopped

Chicken                                                ¼                                                   shredded

SPICES                             QUANTITY

Salt                                                1 tb spoon

Black pepper                               2 tb spoon

White pepper                              1 t  spoon

Chicken powder                          1 tb spoon

Red chili flakes                            1 t   spoon

Soya sauce                                    2 tb spoon

Chili sauce                                    2 tb spoon

Vinegar                                         3 tb  spoon

Sugar                                             2 tb  spoon

Ketchup                                       1 cup


Boil almost 8 glass of water then add chicken, tomato puree, and spaghetti. When you see they are cooked, take the chicken out, shred it and add again to the soup. Add carrot and capsicum. Then add spices and cook for two minutes. Now add cabbage and green onion that is added in last so that they remain crunchy. Now add two beaten eggs to boiling soup while constantly stirring the spoon. Add corn flour in the end.


Mix cornflour in room temp water in a cup then add it to the boiling soup while constantly stirring the spoon in the soup. Cook it for a minute and take it off the flame


Serve hot, garnish soup with chopped green onion and a little bit of mayonnaise or cream on top

You can also serve the soup with fried fish crackers. The quantity will serve 8 to 9 persons

Sehrish Zeeshan

Mrs. Sehrish Zeeshan is a graduate fashion designer and a sole entrepreneur of a running brand known as “SEA PEARLS”. Besides that, she writes fashion blogs in her spare time, as she believes in creating awareness about fashion among the readers.

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