My Karachi

When the entire world is at rest my city “Karachi” is restless; always awake and alert my city is on the go. This city which is the largest and most populous city in Pakistan, as well as the 7th largest in the world and the world’s second most populous city, has a lot more to offer more than the busy days and night. It has a lot-lot more to give you than its hustle bustle life…

This is My Karachi, in between all shor sharaba and a busy week one surely wants to spend a quality Sunday with their family or friends. This Sunday my family and I went for a stroll, not in the park but to fly the drone that we just bought.

We set out for a new adventure and found something so unique the beach, the people and their enthusiasm and interest in doing something new and exciting. There is so much more then one can expect from our city. That day I saw that my city is not a terrorist bank; not what our media always portrays. In fact, it’s a place full of lively people; men and women who don’t waste a min of entertainment and discovery. A lot of people gathered around us with their queries related to the Drone regardless of who and whom they enjoyed it with an open heart; looking at it flying high and far.

As it flew away and high it captured a lot of unseen views; the water the waves and the small undiscovered island that we can clearly enjoy in the video above. Some of the views are enchanting enough, one may feel like they are of some other place but NO that’s Karachi….. MY KARACHI

Umaima Harris

Mrs. Umaima Harris is a house wife and entrepreneur. She has her own clothing line by the name of Modes. She has been doing local and foreign exhibitions with majority of customers in UAE.


  • Though I have been living in Rawalpindi for the last 15 years and own it as my city with all my heart………………but still Karachi is the city that will always remain in my heart as my first love…… your article reminded me once again of my love for this city !

    • Thanks alot for liking and
      appreciating the write up and our city …
      No comparison of the place where one is born and raised

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