My Freelancing Journey

“Life is not a bed of roses”. I had heard this quote since forever but realized its true meaning after getting married. No matter how educated, ambitious, talented you are, how career oriented, passionate you are, the only thing matters in a woman’s life is that “Khana kaisa banati hai?”… Seriously? Is that a joke? After 16 years of education with a professional degree in hand, a girl is asked if she can cook well or not. It’s not like that I do not value cooking, I have a firm belief that cooking is an art and I love to do that but this is not what I was made for, right?

Anyhow my mother was in a hurry to get me married, so as soon as I finished my degree, I was departed to susraal and all my dreams of making a career were shattered. But as you have heard, when there is a will, there is a way, I never lost hope. After a year when my fantasies of marriage settled into the realities of marriage, I started thinking again about my career. Fortunately, at that time, my sweet sister in law was kind enough to introduce me to the concept of freelancing as she had also started doing it. Initially, I was not really convinced as this was not something I wanted to do, but I as I had no other choice, I thought to give it a try.

I created my profile on Upwork(odesk at that time) and started applying for jobs that I could do. Content writing was something which grabbed my attention. I applied for a lot of projects but as I had no ratings on my profile, I failed to get any response. It was very frustrating for me at that time and I gave up in a few days. But that passionate “keera” in my brain urged me to try again after some time.  This time somehow I got lucky and a guy responded to my job application. That was the happiest day; it felt that I have been appointed as a CEO of a multinational but in reality, the guy just asked me to write a sample article 😉 Anyway I wrote a sample which he immediately approved and hired me.

That was my first step towards freelancing. I developed many new skills with time and now I work on different kind of projects like Human Resource, Marketing, SEO etc. It has been 7 years and Alhumdulillah I have become one of the top-rated freelancers with a great support of my family especially my husband. Just recently I got featured as Upwork Social Media Spotlight also.

Freelancing has made me independent and allowed me to live my dreams. I have become my own boss due to which I work whenever I want to. No one can rule over me. I have 3 kids, so I frequently take breaks from work and that’s the best thing about freelancing. I can work and at the same time fulfill my family responsibilities. The only thing that I am still struggling with is to make the perfect “GOL ROTI” 😛

From the last 4 to 5 years I have been getting messages, phone calls, emails from people who want to start freelancing. I always try to help them in the best possible way and guide them, but what I have noticed is that there are very few who take freelancing seriously. Some of them do not even believe that it is possible to work from home and earn a good amount and the rest think that freelancers have found some easy way to earn without doing any hard work. But trust me the perception is totally wrong. No doubt as freelancers, we do have a few benefits but everything comes with a price (and for that, I will write another detailed blog soon).

Therefore, I would like to advise to all those people who want to start working as freelancers, that the opportunities are huge in this field. There are still many people who are not even aware of this concept. But if you really want to try it, make sure that you are totally up for it and willing to work very very hard. I have done a lot of low-level jobs in the beginning just to gain experience and prove myself but now there are employers who cannot even afford my rates but still want to hire me due to my expertise. So, especially the women like me who want to earn and at the same time be there with their families, freelancing is the best option. I plan to create freelancing training programs in future so that more and more people (esp women) can benefit from it and become independent.

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Bismah Fahad is a mother of 3 beautiful daughters. She is a housewife plus a freelancer. Her dream is to make a difference in the life of women around her because she believes that women deserve the best in life and without them, the world is colorless.


  • I am really proud of you my dear! May you find more success in life!!

  • Freelancing is one of the careers that women can persue from the comforts of their home especially when they cannot leave little kids in someone else’s care. you really are an inspiration for all women.

  • Mam, it is a great inspiration for me as I am struggling with my freelancing. Unfornately, I don’t have any success because of poor guidance. Can you provide me good guidance in my niche I.e. writing

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