My Daughter’s Accident

March 14 has been the worst day of my life. That night in the hospital has been the toughest so far. The screaming voice of my daughter has been haunting me the whole night. I am just unable to close my eyes, the tears just won’t stop. The whole scene is still in front of me as if the time stopped at that very moment and I am still standing on the road holding my Anaya in my arms, screaming, begging for help. It was just a moment ago that she came out of her school and started talking to me, telling me that she was not feeling well today at school and she doesn’t want to go tomorrow. I was trying to comfort her. Then I asked her to please wait for the car to pass and then we’ll cross the road but she suddenly started running and that car hit her, throwing her literally meters away in front of my eyes..

I started to call her name loudly, I started running towards her, leaving my Sara on the road behind. For a moment it seemed like I have lost Anaya. I picked her up. She was unconscious, she was not talking to me anymore, not telling me how she was feeling now.. people started to gather, father of another schoolfellow of Anaya’s took me to his car immediately. He started driving and I asked him to stop as Sara and Alisha were not with me, I started shouting their names, people asked me to take Anaya to the hospital and they will come later but I said no I can’t leave without them. Then they both also sat in the car with my maid and we immediately rushed to the nearby hospital. I was constantly trying to wake her up, She was bleeding. We reached the hospital within 3-4 minutes. The doctors started to treat her.. Anaya was awake now, she was lying helpless on the hospital bed. She told me that she was in pain and I could feel that too in her eyes and in her voice… I said don’t worry my brave girl, you’ll be alright soon. The next thing she said to me made me wanted to hug her tightly and take out all the pain out of her body. She said, “Mom I am sorry I didn’t listen to you, it’s all my fault”.

She is such a strong brave little girl, she did not cry, she did not get scared of what all happened to her. I am the one who still can’t get over it but she is same like before as if nothing happened. She does not even complain about the pain she has in her shoulder due to the fracture, nor the pain in her stitches. She gives me strength and I feel really lucky to be a mother of such a brave girl. I wish all the girls big or small, are as brave as she is. They never complain and have the courage to bear every kind of situation. Allah has created the girls very strong I believe, it’s just that sometimes our emotions take over..

I wanted to share this story with all the girls and especially the moms who go through such incidents in life. It is really very difficult for a mother to see her child in pain. It’s not less than a miracle how my daughter survived that day and I would never be able to forget what happened with her but trust me she has forgotten that already and even with all this pain, she is still smiling and shining bright…. May Allah keep all the children safe.


Bismah Fahad is a mother of 3 beautiful daughters. She is a housewife plus a freelancer. Her dream is to make a difference in the life of women around her because she believes that women deserve the best in life and without them, the world is colorless.


  • May Allah gives Anaya and your daughters a healthy and beautiful long life and keeps her away from any pain or sorrows ever.Allah bless the parents.

  • All prayers for her..I remember when anaya was born, i came to see her for the first time, knowing about the accident was shocking and heart breaking. I cant imagine the pain but can feel what a mother go through when their kids are in pain!! She is a brave strong girl just like her mother and Inshallah she will take over you as your daughter , May Allah give all three of them a best life , happiness and a bright future ahead. May they life under the shadow of their parents.
    Lots of love and duas. ❤

  • May Allah swt safe every child in his hifzo aman loads of Dua for Anaya strong girl MashaAllah and also salute you for being so strong in such harder situation 😢

  • Allhumdulilah that she is saved n fine now…That was all horrible but she took it very bravely…..May Allah keep our children safe n sound Ameen.

  • Thank God she is safenow— may Allah make our daughters stong and keep them away from any harm – thanks for sharing this accident with all mothers out there –

  • May Allah gives Anaya a healthy and beautiful long life.
    Allah bless u all

  • I am proud to have a mentor whose daughter is as strong and brave as she is!

    Experience is the road to knowledge
    And i am very happy that you have faced the challenge bravely and start living a life once again with a bright ray of hope

    Keep prospering like a shinnig star….

  • I cannot begin to imagine what you must have gone through. Reading this gave me goosebumps. My kid had his first fever a couple of months ago (which is nothing compared to your situation) and i was devastated. Seeing your kid in pain is the worst possible thing that could happen to a parent. May Allah shower his countless blessings upon you guys and give anaya speedy recovery. Lots of prayers your way

  • Bismah it was heart wrenching,alhamdolillah she is good now and you brave mom,we appreciate you,may Allah protect all kids ,may Allah give you and all moms courage to become shields against all odds ,God bless you all.

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