Morning Shows; Becoming a Disgrace

The morning breeze that accompanies a calm, a sense of tranquility can get fatally struck by the mere act of turning on the television. Waking up to see a bunch of girls getting married and the raucous discussions on getting the eyeliner wing right have become a ritual of the most Pakistani woman. These morning shows are hitting on the new ‘low’ day by day. The kind of content they are showing can make the freshly brewed cup of tea distasteful while killing the morning vibe. We all despise these failing shows but the scarcity of choices and the lack of quality content spurs us to become their keen audience. This is how you start your morning by marrying off nearly 10 brides every-day. What a thing to do!

Pakistani Morning Shows

What is being done wrong?

In the highly ambiguous loop of these morning shows some channel comes up with the most ridiculous idea, which spreads like a wildfire. One such idea was live marriages, which, even after years is subsisting in full vogue. It is like a virus that cannot be purged. This industry faces startling lack of innovation and positivity. The situation gets worst when the most scornful discussions are ignited in live shows, the idea dismantles the fabric of our family system and plays with the honors of a household. So the basic issue is the immoral and senseless content. The one overjoyed figure (the host) is the wedding planner, an adviser, a counselor and above all a gossip monger, where the discussions loom around the most senseless topics one can think of.

Limiting the mindset of Women

The audience of these morning shows are mostly house-wives, these powerful women are the builders of societies. They are the source of illumination for the generations to come but, are they receiving enough luminesce for themselves? Is this the way the media industry pays off for the tireless duty hours of the household manager? The morning shows tell them every day that their place exists in front of the dressing table or in the kitchen if not that they should be indulged in long unrelenting hours of gossiping around. Television still is the most viable source of knowledge for these women, the source which is now tantamount to the circus.

An alarming consequence for the Children

The kids of age 2 to 5 remain in constant nesting of their mothers. These are the years in which seeds of personal traits of an individual are sown and these shows are in some way or another, polluting the seeds. The morning shows which are aired by most Pakistani channels are not something a child should wake up to, they should not wake up to singing and dancing and counterproductive chatters. This makes us realize that we are at a grave mistake, we left our values and integrity somewhere down the lane.

Aysha Bilal

Aysha is a fresh graduate from NUST seeking to discover opportunities and horizons to establish herself. She has rich experience with community service and has a knack for reading and writing. She believes playing an individual part can gear this country towards success and she is committed to make the best out of her circumstances.


  • Absolutely my point . Very well written, keep up the good work 🙂 So disappointed in Pakistani tv and film industry . We don’t have any other topic other then shaadi and love affairs .

  • Absolutely my point . Very well written , keep up the good work .

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