Khaadi and Sapphire Giga Mall Sale

Yesterday (10th of June 2017) I went to Giga Mall where two most famous brands were being launched; SAPPHIRE and KHAADI. Of course, I went there because I too received their message… well, I would like to quote the exact message they sent. It was,

“Enjoy flat 35% off at the new Khaadi store in Giga Mall WTC and experience nature indoors. The discount applies from 10th June till 11th June 2017.”

Like they said, I truly “experienced the nature indoors”. Resembling all other women who must have gotten this info, I too was excited and planned to visit the shop. Although the “story of sale” is old but here, in this case, I have some very fresh to disclose and discuss. Usually when we go to sales like that, we complain that there was hell of rush, people were getting crazy to get on their hands for some pieces of lawn, ladies were out of control and so on….. But yesterday, the management of Khaadi and Sapphire decided to do something new. Those who have been there must be knowing what they did but those who weren’t there, let me tell you what they did… they made a queue of ladies… or I’d say those great ladies who came from every corner of Rawalpindi and Islamabad and were willing to stand there in that queue for hours, waiting for their turn to ENTER THE SHOP… Oh my-my…. Seriously… they were waiting there….

To get 35% off on the stuff they will buy after draining themselves out 100%. Or maybe they think it is worth it. But is it more worthy than your own self-respect??? The shops are there to be at your disposal. They depend on customers, but here, the case was vice versa. Honestly speaking, I did go there with the intention of shopping but I had no idea that this kind of activity would be going on there. I changed my mind for that matter.

(Rush out of Khaadi Store)

I promptly decided to write about all this. So I started taking photos, talked to the security who was holding back the mob from entering the store. There was one security officer who told me how (I won’t be using the word for he used) ill-mannered this Khaadi store staff and management is. When I was asking different thing regarding all this situation, he was kind enough to ask his senior that if he could let me in the store from the exit side… but I told him, don’t bother, am not here to shop, I am here to gather some information.

Then there was one woman who came all the way from E-11 or H-8, don’t remember exactly, she almost started crying and fought for her right to enter the sapphire store but I guess they didn’t even consider that. She said something very appropriate that “if you can’t handle the rush, then stop calling people by sending SMS to them”.

(Line out of sapphire store)

 I mean, seriously, I won’t blame those women out there much, but the stores and their management. If you can’t handle some scores of people at your shop then either don’t put on such huge sale (like 35% is too much) or bare them. Especially Khaadi, because they are the people who hardly put their piece of clothes on sale and when they have an opening of new stores or some anniversary, they call out people for SALE. And as we all know that women love only these three words “I Love you” or” Sale, Sale, Sale” and I would say the latter is more loved.

Just one simple question to my readers, do you think it’s all worth doing so? Keeping yourself in a queue, first to enter the store and then to pay your bill. Are you buying things for free? Why are you being treated like you are a “roadside faqir, waiting for your turn to have LUNGER? (Free food).

Dear stores, please don’t treat your customers like that. They are you valuable customers; either don’t invite them on such huge sales or have a heart to Carter them. The type of management seen yesterday at these two stores is unacceptable. But Alas! It’s the customers’ fault that they let themselves waited(in Ramadan) and made those brand feel proudly thinking that look… people are almost dying to have our stuff in their homes. Think women… was it all worth it?????

Sabahat Saud

Sabahat Saud is a homemaker and a freelance writer at upwork. She has done her masters in English literature and language and completed her diploma Tefl from AIOU. Her passion is creative writing and her niche is health issues.

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