Khaadi Lawn Volume 1 VS Gul Ahmed Lawn Volume 1 2017

KHAADI and GULAHMED have launched their Lawn volume 1 2017 and as usual, women have already filled their wardrobes with their latest collection.
Let’s go through both in terms of their colors, prints, fabric, and prices.


KHAADI is known for its dramatic colors and vibrant designs. The reason for its popularity is they cater clients of all age groups. Khaadi is providing the most charismatic style in economical price. They have a beautiful, sleek and luxury fabric.
2017 has silks, chiffons, lawn, and chicken. They are available in 2,3 pieces and shirts. Having different categories such as embroidered lawn dresses with floral textures, Ranges inspired by European prints, aesthetics .folk prints for the perfect aesthetics. They have a lawn shalwar collection with eastern essence. Both muted tones and bright accents are a part of this collection

IDEAS by GULAHMEDgulahmed-collection-2017

GULAHMED this season has come up with both radiant colors and soothing hues. They have launched modest trends and exclusive cuts. They have a variety of silks, chiffons, cotton, and jacquard. Buy anything from casuals to formals and even your luxurious needs. They have it all.
Having rich, amazing patterns and prints. GULAHMED is not just a clothing brand but you can also accessories yourself. Prints are inspired by the rich cultural heritage that motivates us to shop again and again throughout the summer. They have a sense of royalty in everything.

Khaadi v/s Gulahmed

Khaadi outlets can make you find things according to your needs and of course budget. As they have made a brand accessible to the general public without compromising their quality. KHAADI kids consist of lovable apparels. The kurtis has nice prints especially those in angarkha style but there was one thing I could not understand that those angarkha style kurtis has only one hook at the chest and they are open from the bottom. The length is quite short, I wonder how many girls would want to wear that. I wanted to get one, but I didn’t.

Gulahmed is also amazing in its own unique way. What a quality fabric they have and what comfort level.No comparison on part of their quality. Prices might be a little high as compared to khaadi but they have more variety and quality is really good I believe. IDEAS also have everything for your home. Their accessories give you a completely elegant look.

Ladies, you are all set to shine this summer and indulge yourself in the lovely aroma of these lawns.

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Sehrish Zeeshan

Mrs. Sehrish Zeeshan is a graduate fashion designer and a sole entrepreneur of a running brand known as “SEA PEARLS”. Besides that, she writes fashion blogs in her spare time, as she believes in creating awareness about fashion among the readers.

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