How to get an online job as a freelancer?

Since I have started freelancing 8 years ago, I have been asked from so many people that how you did it? Although  I have written a blog on my freelancing journey, I thought to write a more direct article which gives you step by step direction to become a freelancer.


  1. Identify your skill
    • That means what can you actually do the best? Can you write a blog? Are you an SEO expert? Can you create a website or for that matter anything you feel like you can do online.
  2. Join social media groups
    • Join freelancing groups on facebook and see what type of job they have there?
  3. Create an account on a freelancing website
  4. Create Sample
    • If you are a blog or article writer, create a sample article on any topic of your choice. Similarly, if you are a designer, make your portfolio handy.
  5. Apply on job
    • Search for a job and apply on jobs which you think you can do.
  6. Check client history.
    • Client means those people who are posting jobs on the internet. Normally all freelancing website shows the history of the client. Make sure he has a good rating and his payment method is verified.
  7. Don’t worry about money in the beginning
    • The freelancing market just works as a normal job market. In the job market, your aim is to get a job as an intern and you are not actually worried about the salary. Similarly, you can do your first few jobs even for free if that is the case of win a client

When applying to a job, here are some tips for making a proposal

  1. Before writing the proposal, make sure that you have read the job description and did not miss anything.
  2. When writing a proposal, address the employer with his name which you can find in his/her work history.
  3. The proposal should not be longer than 4-5 lines. Avoid writing walls of text.
  4. Include job post’s keywords in your proposal, so that the client knows that you have fully read the job description.
  5. Your proposal should be simple, to the point and easy to understand. Ensure the client that you are the best choice for this job.
  6. If you are a newbie, propose lower rates, even lower than the budget set by the client.
  7. Do not apply for too many jobs at once.
  8. Do not forget to attach a sample if the client has asked for it.


Be rest assured that freelancing is not easy money. It requires skills, hard work, and consistency. It took one month for me to get my first job and during that month, I daily spent around 3-4 hours going to websites and writing a proposal. But once you start getting clients, there is no limit to it.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

Happy earning!


Bismah Fahad is a mother of 3 beautiful daughters. She is a housewife plus a freelancer. Her dream is to make a difference in the life of women around her because she believes that women deserve the best in life and without them, the world is colorless.

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