Home Made Nuggets for Children

INGREDIENTS                        QUANTITY

Minced chicken                                  1 Kg

Egg                                                        1

Bread crumbs                                      4 slices

Salt                                                         1 tb spoon

Black pepper                                        2 tb spoon

Chicken powder                                   1 t spoon


Take minced chicken in a bowl. Add bread crumbs, salt, black pepper and mix it well. Now take a rectangular or any Pyrex dish and put all the batter in it. Tap it with a flat spoon to even the surface from the top. Now place the dish in the microwave oven for almost five minutes or until it is cooked. Then cut them into squares or any desired shape. Coat them in beaten egg and remaining bread crumbs and fry till golden brown.You can also freeze them for later use.

Serve it with a sauce of your choice

Sehrish Zeeshan

Mrs. Sehrish Zeeshan is a graduate fashion designer and a sole entrepreneur of a running brand known as “SEA PEARLS”. Besides that, she writes fashion blogs in her spare time, as she believes in creating awareness about fashion among the readers.

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