High School Life for a Girl

High school is that part of our lives, where we build our characters and face the real world for the first time. It is supposed to be a wonderful chapter of our life but unfortunately, one of the toughest things to go through also. In my case, it was both. I was really shy from the start, got teased a lot and had zero confident, basically what people call a “nerd” many girls can relate to me. So as I was saying, I was a dull and boring person, I let people intimidate me, and I think that’s what most people take advantage of.

But then I became friends with few girls who helped me in many circumstances and I know they’ll be there for me always. And I came to realize that there are many girls, who are suffering from the same high school problems, but it gets better gradually and we can’t let these small things ruin the wonderful days of our high school.

From the things I’ve learned in high school, here is some advice I would like to share with all high school girls to help you get through struggles:

  • Make Good Friends. I believe that we should choose our friends carefully, with whom you can have lots and lots of fun but in the end, they will always lead you to the right path. I got really lucky in that case as I got wonderful friends who helped me in difficult situations and always encouraged me towards the right thing.
  • Be Yourself. Don’t try to mold your personality into someone else’s to be cool. You are what you are, and that’s what defines you. Be carefree and enjoy yourselves but be sensible and stay away from troubles.
  • Put Forward Your Talent. Everybody have some hidden talent in them but most of us are too shy to show it, just like me, but I’ll tell you from my experience that it wasn’t so hard. Put your talent and creativity to use to create a place for you in high school.

Surviving high school is not easy so don’t fret yourself about it. It’s okay if you’re going through a tough time because many other girls are too. But as I’ve said before, it gets better slowly. Just be patient, enjoy this time and create memories, which in future you’ll smile when you look back to them.

Anusha Ather

Anusha Ather is a content writer who is currently studying in a college. Her passion for reading books is what got her in writing. She has won an award and many certificates in her school for essay writing. Anusha started article/blog writing in her mid-teenage. She is very keen on reading books, surfing through the internet and writing about specific topics.

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