Getting along with in-laws

One of the most important parts of any girl’s life is her relationship with her in-laws. Somehow or the other the word “in-laws” brings a short wave of terror with it.  But if we follow a few simple rules from the beginning, this overly exaggerated concept and the terror-related to it will subside a little.

Be sincere

Sincerity is a quality which is required and equally appreciated in every field of life. Be sincere to everyone in the family you are marrying. It takes a lot of time and patience to prove your sincerity but in the end its worth it.

Be clear

Most of the complications develop in any relationship is due to misunderstanding. Whatever you wish to do be clear about it. It is not necessary to be rude and loud to announce your priorities. One can always be polite and convey the message.

Be confident

Now, this is a tricky one, girls. There is a very thin line between confidence and overconfidence. If you know something and you are sure that you can do it properly then take responsibility and do it. But on the other hand, if you are not so sure about something, even if it is a simple recipe, don’t feel shy to ask. Especially, your mother in law. After all, she has been running that house for the past 25 years, she must be knowing better than you. Plus this simple act will form a bond between you and your mother in laws. That will be fruitful in the long run.

Be responsible

Just like sincerity …responsibility is an equally sought after trait and very rare to find. Take responsibility of your husband’s chores. Marriage is just like a job where you agree to fulfill a set of responsibilities against a package that suits you. The only difference is this is a lifetime commitment with a far more gratifying outcome than your job.

Take your time

Don’t stress yourself a lot. Things turn out to be fine in the end if you are not doing anything drastically wrong. Relax….take your time and let everything run at its own pace. Life is not a mathematical problem which can be solved 100% with everyone having the same answer. Just go with the flow and don’t forget to appreciate what you have!

After all with the in-laws you’ve got self a husband also so enjoy your life with him 🙂

Muniba Raza

Muniba Raza is a full-time housewife and has been married for the last 15 years. Having lived in a joint family system she has a lot to offer regarding relationships and all the matters attached to it. She will be sharing her views and ideas on how to maintain healthy, happy relationships in our lives.


  • Very true muniba. There are women who start politics and keep double faces to make their place. But sooner or later that hypocrisy is disclosed

  • You have not discussed the role of sister-in-laws and the extent to which they should be allowed to interfere in the house. at times even letting people know where ther belong lands you in trouble. Like it is not easy for sister-in-laws to hand over the control they exerted in a household before thier brother got married.
    In our South Asian joint family system there are three factors that determine the smooth working of a household. Mother-in-law, her daughters and the daughter-in-law(bahu).
    At times you win over your mother-in-law but your sister-in-laws do not let that happen resulting in unwanted clashes etc.
    so I believe in nuclear family system.

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