‘Females’ Strengthening the Media

Looking at the forecast for the current job placements, there is a massive shift in the trend, it is safe to say that this is an era of women. The flux of women in the workplaces in increasing exponentially, even in the highly male dominant societies as well. Same is the story with women working under the domains of News and Journalism. The reason for this can be the contemporary spell of feminism, gender equality and just awareness itself.

Enrichment of Industry:

The stepping of women in the News Industry has not only been beneficial for them on individual grounds but it has been a substantial source for the growth of the industry itself. Journalism, News, and Politics is a dynamic field and it craves for the unique voice of women, this industry needs women working equally with men. Women have enlightened the most neglected areas using media as a platform. Their presence has created innumerable sectors, where media can work and provide viable solutions.

Females Strengthening the Media

Playing Pivotal Role in current world affairs:

Women who work in the News Industry have the potential of reshaping their community, society and even their country. Their determination can illuminate their surroundings. In the massive Rohingya killings or the Shift in Saudi policies, in Assad Regimen or the most recent ramifications of Trump’s immigration policies, women had been there. Females have taken up the voices of people living in the most beleaguered states and have served as their safe haven.

Cessation of Inequality:

Women have been there amid the mass shootings or 3 am reporting from Syria and have told the world that they are no less than anyone. They can be anywhere their job needs them. Their unflinching commitment to their job has wiped gender inequality. Women working as journalists and writers do not rely on the views of other people, there are their own master and tell the world that their views matter as well. Women in high positions in Media do not intend to dominate the other gender but highlight the importance of gender equality. People and society have now high acceptance for women working and women taking substantial steps in the betterment of the community.

Aysha Bilal

Aysha is a fresh graduate from NUST seeking to discover opportunities and horizons to establish herself. She has rich experience with community service and has a knack for reading and writing. She believes playing an individual part can gear this country towards success and she is committed to make the best out of her circumstances.

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