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Many of us strive daily trying to FIT IN. We make sure what are the trends going on; what’s new in Fashion, what’s in and out. Making sure we stay updated with all being one of a kind FASHIONISTA just to keep our inner core satisfied that we are also fashionable enough. We go to malls and our inner shopaholic takes over our actions.

Focused on what is IN we often forget what is important. Being able to buy to everything and fill your closets with dozens of designer wear does not make you a fashion symbol rather it means you have wasted your precious money on things that people around you wear and like without even having a clue of if it will even look good on you or is it wearable for you or not.

So #womanire wants to talk about what fashion really is. It’s not about WHAT WHEN and from WHERE: it’s about WHAT HOW AND WHYs….

Let me elaborate a bit when you talk about fashion or being IN FASHION, this doesn’t mean that you just go to Bazaar and be that bizarre kind rather it means being realistic. One should be careful spending money wisely. So follow the pattern:

WHAT is the product?

 Assure yourself on what you are about to buy is according to the weather and up to date. Is it worthy enough to have spent so much money or just a brand you want to hang in your cupboard? May it be #Khaadi, #Gul Ahmed, #Sapphire or #Sana Safinaz or #Maria B, #Deepak Perwani, #Amir Adnan. We all know the brand race and high price so better be worth it.

HOW will it do justice to me?

People often follow others. Just because others are buying it doesn’t mean “at all” that you are bound to do so. If one product or shirt or kurta does justice to one girl or even a mid-age women does not in any way justifies it will do good to you. Fashion is about being honest and realistic with you. Having a clear mind “is this me” will I look good in it? For Example, I would never buy a shirt too short because I have a broad waistline and hips OR I would also not buy a too fitted shirt because I may have a petite figure years back but now I am a mother of two my body has changed. So buy only what makes you feel good rather than trying to fit in and making yourself uncomfortable.

 WHY shall I spend so much on it?

One more point that we should keep in mind is the quality. Am I buying something, which is worth? Is it good enough? Does it do justice to what is being spent on it? With the craze of trying to buy whatever is available, we spend money with the feeling of still having missed a lot of good options.

The feeling of looking at your choices in the cupboard and still finding nothing to wear is when you go #Bizarre in Bazar i.e. buying everything possible without even having the glimpse of what use it would make for me.

Umaima Harris

Mrs. Umaima Harris is a house wife and entrepreneur. She has her own clothing line by the name of Modes. She has been doing local and foreign exhibitions with majority of customers in UAE.

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