Casting vote a Taboo!

You might blink your eyes once or twice after looking at the topic, this is how Pakistani politics never fail to astound you. Our political forecast has ambiguity surgically attached to it. Each day this country is rocked by the repercussions of some politician’s tantrums. Amidst the brewing storm of Elections, scarcity of water, avenfield reference case, an individual has the audacity of placing his absurd views on the table that ‘Casting votes for women is forbidden’.

It is unclear that under what influence he pummeled the women lot of this country with his brazen verdict, one must question him for the authenticity and legitimacy of this claim. This notion dawned upon him during his election campaign which is even worst.

Women voters

A woman who is a citizen, a server, a pilot a doctor, on what grounds her credibility as a voter is questioned? Whoever assumes the position as president, effects women equally as it does to men, so why this discrimination. Most people after sharing such needle-like views play a religion card without noticing that their perceptions run counter to what religion tells us. Our religion was the first advocate of women, it liberated women, the very seeds of feminism was sown by Islam itself. At the same time, Pakistan was the first country with a female prime minister, leaving the liberal states in Europe and US behind. This country gave wings to many, this country never told women that her place inside the home, women serve in the top position in bureaucracy, Army, judiciary and even senate. This concludes that these views are unjustifiable under the tender backdrop of our religion and what our practice remained as a part of this country.

Staying silent and taking the road of ‘staying cool’ is not the way we will come out of these circumstances. As an empowered woman of the 21st century, we must possess the boldness of stopping this baseless share of views. It is ‘us’ who will bring the change, we will pull this beautiful country out of a beleaguered state, the sun will soon shine because of us and nobody can snatch from us our basic right, a right to ‘vote’.

Aysha Bilal

Aysha is a fresh graduate from NUST seeking to discover opportunities and horizons to establish herself. She has rich experience with community service and has a knack for reading and writing. She believes playing an individual part can gear this country towards success and she is committed to make the best out of her circumstances.

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