Being in Relationship

Once Walter Winchell said,

“Never above you. Never below you. Always beside you….”

Your better-half is the most important relation for you. In healthy relationship everything revolves around your partner and relations associated with him. Whenever you find some difficulty in life, you find your soul mate beside you. This unique bond is an essence of love, care and understanding.

Tips for establishing a healthy relationship

Establishing a healthy relationship is not that difficult task! It is only if one understands a few basic rules for developing a strong relationship. Try these easy solutions for establishing a healthy relationship:

Provide breathing space

Kindly provide enough area to permit freedom of movement. In order to establish a healthy relationship, one must have your own hobbies, interests and social life. If you need more space than you have to look into your relationship to resolve issues relating to your relationship. If your spouse asks you for space, it does not mean the relationship is ending. It just means the other person needs a bit more alone time to be happy

Let the birds fly….

You have to trust your soul-mate. If it is necessary one has to let your spouse let go sometimes. If your love is true, it will return back to home and if your relationship is not healthy it will fly away.

Maintain confidentiality and secrecy

Create a relationship in which confidentiality and secrecy are on top priority. It is highly important to keep privacy for each other in related matters. It results in developing trust in a relationship which strengthens your bond. Avoid invading the privacy of your soul-mate.

Build bridges

Use communication as a construction tool. Communicate effectively with each other. To establish a healthy relationship, whatever happens, doesn’t stop communicating. Create a common ground to understand each other’s point of view to resolve issues. Break the silence and get connected again.

Respect is must

To ensure a healthy relationship, one has to show respect to each other. The mutual bond gets stronger if you value and appreciate your spouse. Admiration is the first step towards showing respect. Encourage efforts and successes in their work. Become a supportive system for one another to grow and build an association.

Sabeen Naz

A housewife with four beautiful daughters; who provides consultancy and editorial oversight for Government and non-government institution/organizations, and multinational companies in their publications, report writing, newsletters and annual reports. Her passion is to sensitize women with the present global issues. She is here with an ambition to support women to uplift their image and change their perception about life as an individual identity.


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