Becoming a Mother..

Women are an integral part of society. Motherhood is one of the aspects of womanhood that makes them different from men. Motherhood is a complete experience which deals with varying sense of emotions, sentiments, physical changes, mental tiredness and stress that a woman deals with. Every woman has her own set of experiences when she travels through various stages of motherhood.

The stress related to motherhood comes with her emotional balance and physical exertion which comes into the play as soon as a woman becomes a mother. Giving birth to live and ensuring that the individual which has been brought by the mother comes as a responsibility, love, and stress. The mother’s health is at stake during the tenure of her pregnancy but the expectations of giving love to the little human being who has not experienced the world change the feelings of mother’s focus from her health towards the relationship that she starts to feel with the unborn child. The mother gets into tenure with complete dedication.

She starts to feel her sleepless nights during her pregnancy which lasts up to the time the child is delivered and is under the care of the mother.  The child’s health becomes the focus of the mother and she starts to invest her energy and time in discovering the facts which could help her in nursing and raising the little human being that she has brought in the world. A mother crosses the stage of pregnancy and gets involved in the nursing of the child so as to prove the ideal nursing for the child. She starts to forget her tediousness which she has experienced in the form of pregnancy blues, postpartum stress, stretch marks, pregnancy weight, delivery pains, sleeplessness, depression, and such problems and starts to build up a strong bond with the child which eventually becomes the most healthy relationship of the world.

Maryam Salman

Zelay Maryam a woman of today focussing on much more than just being a wife and a proud mother of two beautiful daughters, professionally an IT graduate exploring opportunities in the new technology era ...

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