5 Perks of Being a Short Girl

Being a short girl, I myself know what it’s like and the downsides of being short. Sitting at the front of your class and miss all the fun that backbencher’s do- been there!Short Girl
Forever looking up to talk to people that are quite taller than you, wondering what the world looks like from a tall person’s perspective, being made fun of being short at school and so on. Believe me, I get it all.

But while there are so many disadvantages of being a short girl, then there are as many perks of being a short girl, more if not less, which I gradually came to realize. Here I’ll share a few of them with you all to make all the short girls out there realize that how much it is fun to be a short girl and we are no less than perfect.

  • Crowd! No problem for short girl

    Being a short girl, you can easily sneak through the crowd without causing any commotion.

  • High Heels 

    You can wear whatever heels you want and that makes us- short girls– look even more stunning.

  • Shopping in the Kid’s Section 

    Well, here’s the most fun part for me, although I’m in my late teenage, I get to shop in the kid’s section and buy cool tops and sneakers that save half of my money and fits as they were made for me. Isn’t that great?

  • Curling up in Small Positions 

    The thing I like most about being short is that I can curl up in a small sofa or a cinema’s seat easily and get into a comfortable position.

  • Looking Younger 

    Being short will always make you look younger. It’s a drawback for us now in our teenage life, as people still consider us kids. But think when you are in your late 30’s and 40’s, being short will make you look half your age- well if not half, then certainly younger than your real age and that takes half of the worries of our life.

We can’t change who we are and that what makes up special and unique. To all the short girls, you all are great nonetheless! And to all the tall girls, well you know exactly how cool it is to be tall.

Anusha Ather

Anusha Ather is a content writer who is currently studying in a college. Her passion for reading books is what got her in writing. She has won an award and many certificates in her school for essay writing. Anusha started article/blog writing in her mid-teenage. She is very keen on reading books, surfing through the internet and writing about specific topics.


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